{Latest Trick}How To Activate Bot Comments On Facebook Easily

Do you want to enable or activate bot comments on Facebook friend’s photos or status? If you are also looking for what I typed above then you are at right place. Today I am going to share the easiest method to activate Bot comments or automatic comments on friend’s posts or status on Facebook. These days bot comments are becoming more popular day by day and more and more people are using them.

Such comments appear very stylish, attractive and impressive too. These are lashed with a lot of text. You also see such comments at many posts. But most of the people still don’t know about activating bot comments and wonder how people type such attractive comments. So this article is for such people and I am going to present the best way to activate bot comments on Facebook.

activate bot comments on facebook
Activate bot comments on Facebook

Activate Bot Comments On Facebook

After seeing a lot of bot comments, people think how to activate bot comments for their profile. Some think it is done by scripts so its impossible for them to activate bot comments. But it’s not that too hard. You can easily activate bot comments by using a direct method, I am going to share today. Yeah, after activating bot comments, if any of your friends posts a new status or photos, you will not have to comment on it. A completely stylish, attractive comment will be done automatically. So after hearing it, you are excited to learn how to activate bot comments. Here I will share the step by step tutorial for the easiest method to activate bot comments. So let’s check out this method to Activate Bot Comments on Facebook.

Activate bot comments on facebook
Activate bot comments on Facebook
As we all know Facebook is the most used social network. It is used by people of all categories. We can easily connect to anyone on Facebook at any time. It provides a lot of features also has made our work easy. There are 2 separate categories of people who use Facebook. One is of those who use Facebook for their business purpose. They use groups and pages for promoting their business and also promote it on Fb. Facebook is the major traffic driving network for bloggers. All bloggers use it as a major traffic driver to their blog. The second category is for those who use Facebook only for time pass and connecting. They posts status, images and try to make their account look impressive and stylish. So this trick is for such people as these comments look stylish and attractive.

What Are Bot Comments On Facebook?

Before directly jumping to the tutorial I would like to tell all things about bot comments. There are many people here who don’t know about bot comments. So I am clearing all things about it.

There are many types of comments we see on Facebook posts. These are fake comments. Bot comments are such fake comments. These are commented directly on friend’s posts, a status without any query or typing. These are completely automatic and don’t require any work. Actually, these are done by a bot or you can say machine anytime your friend posts anything. These look very beautiful and impressive. Below are some images of bot comments.




So how these images look like. Surely these comments are awesome and done by bots automatically.

Requirements To Activate Bot Comments

As every trick has, the trick to activate bot comments also has some requirements which you have to fulfill. There are not too many requirements. You can activate these comments on any Facebook account, as it is so simple to do it with below tutorial. But still, before starting the tutorial, you must look at the needs below.

  • Android Phone or Laptop, Pc
  • Facebook account.
  • Verified Facebook Account (You can also activate bot comments on fb account which is not verified. But Fb will disable the account soon if you don’t verify it. So it is good to have a verified profile.)
  • A little patience.

So these were the simple requirements needed to enable bot on Facebook. Make sure you have arranged all these and then start the tutorial. You will get success easily. Let’s move ahead.

So now you have known enough of bot comments. Now, lets start the tutorial. If you have already activated bot comments and want to stop it, we are also sharing the method to stop these.

#1. Method To Activate Bot Comments On Facebook

We have updated the article with the latest method that you can use to activate bot comments. This method is working super fine and is a lot easier than the second method which was previously used. It is one of the latest methods that enable bot comments on any Facebook account easily. Firstly for this method you need an important thing which is: a verified Facebook account. You can use a non verified FB account but it will get disabled quickly as it’s against policies of Facebook. So if you have a verified Fb account then go for this method for activating bot comments on your account. You can apply this method easily with the steps given below. Follow all these now and activate comments on your profile now.

Step 1. First of all, for activating bot comments on Fb, go to botviet.net. It is one of the newest and popular websites for enabling bot comments. It is working 100% for all accounts.

Step 2. Now login to this site with your Fb email/phone number and password. Follow screenshot.

Bot Comments On Facebook
Bot Comments On Facebook

Step 3. After this, it will show another box on the right side of the Login box. Click on Get Data.

Step 4. Now a new page will open. Copy all code you see there. It is your token.

Bot Comments On Facebook
Bot Comments On Facebook

Step 5. On the last, paste all the code in the box and click on Login button.

Bot Comments On Facebook
Bot Comments On Facebook

Step 6. On the next page select the Bot Comments option.

Bot Comments On Facebook
Bot Comments On Facebook

Step 7. Now select the bot and click on Installation. That’s it.

Bot Comments On Facebook
Bot Comments On Facebook

Bot comments will get started quickly. You have finally successfully activated bot comments on your account. Now the things will be as like: Whenever any of your friends uploads a photo or posts a status update, you don’t need to manually comment on it. The activate bot will automatically comment on these. A stylish and cool comment will be immediately posted on his or her post. This is the first and best method to activate bot comments.

If the above method still doesn’t work for you to enable bot comments, don’t worry, below is the second method. You can use the below alternative method to enable bot comments on Fb. What if you want to disable bot comments? We have a solution for that too. Yes! We have posted the method to disable bot comments in your Facebook account easily within few steps. So now let’s move on to the alternative method to activate bot comments.

#2. Steps To Activate Bot Comments On Facebook

So friends below is the step by step process to activate bot comments on Fb. Make sure to follow all the steps carefully and bot comments will be activated.

1. First of all, go to the best and 100% working bot comment website Webflee from below link:


2. Open a new tab and log in to your Facebook account with email and password.

3. Go to below link and click on Get Access Token. You will see your access token. Copy it.


4. Go to Webflee website and paste the token in the empty box. Click on Submit.


5. A pop-up message will appear. Click on OK.


6. Your account will be successfully logged in. Scroll down and click on Save.

Activate Bot Comments

You can also change your bot comments before saving.

Done!!  You have successfully activated bot comments on Facebook easily. Hope you understood all the steps and are able to successfully activate bot comments. Now when anyone of your friend will post to Facebook, you will not have to do any work. A stylish, attractive and impressive bot comments will be posted automatically.

After activating bot comments if you want to disable these, them don’t worry we are sharing the method for that too.

Steps To Disable Bot Comments

Guys if you have activated bot comments then a problem might appear. If any of your friends share bad post, even then a beautiful comment will be posted. If it’s happening to follow steps to disable it

1. Login to the Fb account you want to disable bot comments.

2. Go to Settings and click on Apps.

3. You will see a list of apps. Remove HTC Sense from that.

4. A pop-up will appear. Click on Remove.

Done!! You have deactivated bot comments on your Fb profile successfully by removing HTC sense successfully. This is the easiest method to deactivate bot comments on Facebook. Now no comments will be posted automatically in anyone’s post. Hope you understood all the apps.

Final Words

So, friends, this was the trick shared by us today on How to activate bot comments on Facebook. These bot comments look impressive and make your profile look stylish. You can easily activate these bot comments by following all the above-described steps. If you also want to disable these, you can do so in just 2 minutes by following the steps in the tutorial. This is the easiest method for activating bot comments. I worked hard and finally found this method. I have used it personally and its working fine greatly. You can also find other methods on the web for bot comments but most of them don’t work or are blocked now. So follow all the steps and enjoy bot comments with the latest working method

Today you have learned something new. Go and apply it now. However, if you are still getting any problem in activating bot comments, feel free to drop a comment below. We will help as soon as possible. Stay tuned and get updated with us for all latest tricks updates.


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