TOP 5 Best FLAC Players that You Must Try in 2018

Today with this article, we bring you the best 5 FLAC Players. FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a new age coding format for the lossless compression of audio files. It gained momentous popularity when the mp3 formats starting causing various troubles with piracy. So, FLAC is a free file format with royalty-free licensing. It supports meta tagging, cover art, and fast seeking. In Simple words, FLAC is just like a Winzip. But the difference is that it is made uniquely for audio files and will do better than the Winzip. Also, The audio compression will not compromise the quality of an audio file. As this is an open source software, It keeps updating their features and facilities. Here are the best FLAC Players available for windows.Best FLAC players

TOP 5 Best FLAC Players that You Must Try in 2018

1. VLC Media Player

FLAC players- VLC Media PlayerVLC Media Player is one of the best FLAC players which supports audio files as well as video files. This feature of being able to run any file format makes it a winner among all the FLAC Players. Also, it is a free and best FLAC Player which support all the platforms. Moreover, It can be used as a server to stream in unicast and multicast on a high bandwidth network. The interface of the VLC media player is not so fancy which makes it easy to use even for the beginners. In Short, VLC Media Player is the best FLAC Player which you must download in order to play FLAC files on your device.

Download VLC Media Player

2. 5K Player

FLAC players- 5K player5K Player is the another best FLAC Player available free for the Windows operating system. It allows you to run high definition media files, thus you can enjoy your time while listening to your favorite songs. Also, It supports all kinds of file formats and guides you through every option available for use.  Moreover, It is specially designed for the Windows 10 users and guarantees amazing sound quality and excellent conversion experience. In Short, 5K Player is the another best FLAC Player with some basic and advanced features.

Download 5K Player

3. Real Player

FLAC players- real playerReal Player is an excellent FLAC Players which supports all kinds of file formats such as MP3, WMV, FLAC, WAV, MP4 etc. Also, It allows you to download different types of files from websites in one click and access them through a cloud. It offers you various playlist controls to personalize your media experience. Additionally, The Player allows you to load thousands of songs and listen to them back to back without any interruptions. In Short, Real Player is the another best FLAC file player available for windows.

Download Real Player

4. FOOBar2000

FLAC players- foobar2000FOOBar2000 is another best FLAC Player available for windows that lets you listen to any song in any kind of formats. It lets you filter your songs according to your taste, preferences, genre, artist, time and many other options. Moreover, You can change the appearance of the interface and activate automatic playback when you plug in your headphones. In Short, FOOBar2000 is a great FLAC Player with a huge number of basic and advanced features.

Download FOOBar2000

5. MediaMonkey

FLAC players- media monkeyMediaMonkey is another best FLAC file player available to run FLAC files on Windows Media Player. The Player offers you a wide range of features and customization options that the users can apply anytime. Moreover, It organizes your songs according to your preferences, So that you can find them quickly. Users can avail a premium version of MediaMonkey, But the basic version offers you great features that will excite you for sure. In Short, MediaMonkey is one of the best FLAC Players which provides you an easy to use experience.

Download Media Monkey


That’s it! These are the best FLAC Players to access the FLAC and all kinds of file formats. I hope this post helped you to find the best FLAC Player you are looking for. Also, If you are using any other FLAC Player, Which you think deserves our list, Then feel free to connect with us through the comment box.

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