Best PPD sites 2018 (Pay Per Download)

Here you will find the list of all the Best PPD sites 2018 (Pay Per Download) along with the solutions for the technical issues. Basically, PPD refers to Pay Per Download. These are the websites where people will get paid by uploading, downloading and sharing of files. Hence making money becomes easier by simply uploading files on the best Best Pay Per Download websites 2018. These sites will easily help you to earn money by simply sharing the downloaded files and links and social networking sites like Facebook. Or you can also simply start earning money by sharing file download links on other websites. Based on the number of users you will be paid more than $1000 per day. So let us start knowing more about PPD.Best PPD sites

Best PPD sites 2018 (Pay Per Download)

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Types Of PPD affiliate Programs

Basically, they are two types of PPD sites- sites without survey and sites with a survey. The PPD sites will not provide you with any kind of tasks without completing any surveys Before downloading, uploading or sharing in order to get money. Which means that you can directly download, share or even upload any kind of files from this type of sites.They will be paying you up-to 0.05$ per download.

When it comes to PPD sites with the survey they are completely the rivers version of PPD with a survey. These sites will provide you with some kind of surveys. In order to get the money, you need to download a file once after completing a survey. Sometimes it is very difficult to complete the survey. If you once complete the survey then you will be paid with 1$ per each download you do. So where we have provided you with the list of both the PPD sites With survey and Without survey. The list is provided and you can select any one site to earn money.

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List of Best PPD Affiliate Programs 2018

The list of Best PPD Sites 2018 with surveys are provided here,

1. is one of the best PPD sites 2018 which will allow the users or affiliated people to help them download, upload files and can also share your links through any of the social networking sites. Before doing downloading, uploading or share of any files you need to complete the survey through Fileice. Once you complete the survey then you can earn 1$ per download. Fileice is the best option for people who have their own website or even you have any site that easily helps you to download your files which will enhance the visitor to download the files easily. And it is also the best option for the online users. So people who are interested can select the Fileice PPD sites to start earning. You can start using the site by registering at

Register here

2. DollarUpload

DollarUploadThis is the second best PPD sites 2018 to earn money. DollarUpload is best reviewed without any issues and pay money to the users regularly which makes the users happy to use the site. By simply uploading, downloading files you can earn money from the DollarUpload website. You can easily make money by locking the link to your content. Which means that you can easily make money by either closing the website or part of it. So when every anybody visits your site then you will be paid through the converted link. The money will be paid through Paypal, bank transfer or any other alternative. You can visit the official site to get registered with the best pay per download sites.

Register here

3. ShareCash

ShareCashThe third best and most popular PPD site in the list of Best PPD sites 2018 is ShareCash. This site is best suited for the bloggers owning video site, gaming site, e-Book site, coupon site or template sites. The payment will be done once the survey is completed and can then download your files very easily. One of the interesting parts of the website is that very easily you can monetize the traffic at any time by simply coding a javascript to your blog or website. The payment will be done through Payza, Paypal, Bank transferring or any other payment method. And you can register for free in the official ShareCash site.

Register here

These are the 3 best PPD Affiliate Programs or PPD Sites 2018 with the survey. And now it is time for us to discuss the best PPD Sites 2018 without surveys. So know the best PPD Sites 2018 without surveys as given below.

The list of Best PPD Sites 2018 Without Surveys

1. UsersCloud

UsersCloudUses cloud is one of the best PPD sites 2018 that will easily pay money for any kind of download, upload and share that you do on social networking sites. One of the extraordinary features is that it has unlimited storage to upload the files. Many people are interested in using the side to make money very quickly. You will be paid for each and every download that you do. So if you are interested then you can use the website if you have your own website and make lots of money easily. You can simply register with this site and can start making money on your own and your visitor can also earn.

register here

2. UploadOcean

UploadOceanThe second best PPD sites 2018 is UploadOcean that will easily help you to download, upload and shares files easily without any kind of surveys. It is also the best site in terms of payment as well and it pays up to $21 for completion of 1000 downloads. Just start downloading, uploading and sharing files on social websites to get money from your home. Payment will be done through Paypal, Bank transfer or any other alternative method. Registration to Uploadocean is very easy and once done can easily make your money.

Regis$ter here

3. (best for video and mp3 files)

Indishare.meAnother best PPD sites 2018 is which does not provide any kind of surveys. And in most of the cases, the PPD sites will not facilitate you to download or upload any kind of video or mp3 file. In this case, is the best choice for everyone. And if you even own website then you can easily make money by simply uploading movies, videos or any other mp3 songs. This will therefore easily convert the website traffic into money. One can visit to register and start making more money.

Register here


Up to now, these are the best PPD Affiliate Programs or PPD sites 2018 and we hope the article has helped you to some extent to make money easily. If you have any questions then you can feel free to ask. And even share your valuable information with your friends.

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