Best Prank Websites 2018- best edition

Hey friends, our today’s article is about Best Prank Websites 2018. The Internet is filled with a lot of websites ranging from infotainment, entrainment, and pranks! Prank websites are made for the sole purpose of making a fool out of people as long as you use them for funny locations. While our team was roaming on the internet, we found some strange websites which you can use to prank your coworkers or friends. Let’s check out few of them.Best Prank Websites

Best Prank Websites of 2018

1. Hackertyper

Best Prank Websites hackertyperHackertyper is a kind of site where you can get the feel of a hacker. Wanna feel geeky? Just log on to Hackertyper and start typing words while your friends wonder about what kind of secret hacking stuff you’re doing. This site is one of the troll websites where you can make your friend feel awkward in a strange manner.


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2. Geektyper

Best Prank Websites geektyperIts a similar site as Hacker typer but it comes with lot more functions as compared to Hackertyper. It has additional themes, and you can change the font type and color while simulating the hacking environment.


3. FakeUpdate

Best Prank Websites fake updateThis site is one of the best prank websites which you can use in your school computer lab or office. Just log on to FakeUpdate and choose an operating system and it will load a fake update screen. Others will think that some updating is going on but in reality its all a prank. Do check it out!


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4. Facebook Status Generator

Best Prank Websites FB status generatorWant to make a fake facebook status where a celebrity comments or likes your post? Well, you’re in good luck as such service is available on facebook status generator. Just log on to their site and write a post, select number of likes and comments and you’re done! Ready to prank your friends by showing them that your favorite singer wants to go on a date with you? Well, what you’re waiting for?

FB Status Generator

5. Google Terminal

Best Prank Websites google terminatorWant to feel the old vibe of the 80s? Well, you can do so by going to this website. It will load the Google homepage from early days when the internet was limited.

Google Terminal

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6. Red Button

Best Prank Websites red buttonThis site is one hell of the prank websites; You will never know what is behind that red button! That’s ideal for pranking your friends right? Go for it. Load the site and see what happens after you click the red button!

Red Button

7. Facebook Scary Prank

Best Prank Websites FB scaryThis site is one of those troll websites which might scare you to death, so proceed with caution! If you have a friend who is a facebook addict, then you can prank him by sending this link. As soon as he/she opens it, they will feel like they are browsing regular Facebook, but after some time, they will be scared by the devil witch!

FB Scary Prank

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8. Update Facebook Status from Any Fake Device like iPhone

We all can update out facebook status via iPhone or Android phones, but have you ever wanted to post a status update via your wine glass or garlic bread? Well, you can do so by logging in to this site. You can make any custom post and use any device, even a sandstone to post a status update for you.

Update FB Status

9 Google Gravity

Best Prank Websites google gravityWe all know what Google and it doesn’t need further explanation. Imagine what will happen if you load the google search page and immediately all the elements its webpage starts falling? Well, that’s exactly this troll websites are for. Log in to this site and prank your friends!

Google Gravity

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10. Crashsafari

What will you think if you load a website and your computer stats to hand down or starts behaving strangely? Well that the job of crash safari! Once you load it, it will try to crash your PC! We mean your browser. It’s possible that you have to restart your browser software and clear out history to make it work again.


Note that: It can crash your browser and then you have to close your all tabs.

Final Words

So, that is our today’s article on best prank websites. We have included the top 10 prank websites which we could find on the internet. Let us know what you think of these sites and your experience with them! Thanks for reading and have a good day!


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