Best Windows Media Center Replacement

A lot had changed in windows when it got updated from windows 7 to the latest version of 8 and 10. But every update added some functionalities and removed some. With the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft decided to remove windows media center. It was the best media hub for PC, but unfortunately, it not present now, so we got to look for new and best windows media center replacement.Best Windows Media Center Replacement

Benefits of windows media player you ask? Its also known as WMC which acts as a media hub for your desktop PC. It can stream any kind of media including movies, music, photo slideshows, etc. But sadly Windows discontinued our favourite windows media player with the release of Windows 8. So let’s look at some worthy windows media center alternatives.

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Best windows media center replacement for 2018

1. Kodi (free)

Best Windows Media Center Replacement kodiKodi is a freeware home theater software which is ideal to use as a windows media center replacement. It can play almost al kind of media files, stream your favorite shows over Netflix, watch videos on youtube and listen to Spotify. Being a free software, it doesn’t hold back in the feature department. It can also record your favorite tv programmes and can even play mini python-based games.

Apart from that, it is highly customisable. You can choose themes or change the user interface as per your wish. There are some Kodi add-ons available which can enhance its functionality and user productivity. Just to let you know that Kodi requires a good graphic based CPU to work with to give you best results. You don’t want to see your videos glitching, right? Kodi is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS, of course.

Download Kodi

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2. Plex (free)

Best Windows Media Center Replacement plexPlex is a good windows media center replacement, but it comes with few limitation which is – it cant record TV shows or streams them via a network. If your media consumption needs are limited to offline mode, then this is an excellent pick for you. Plex supports all kind of media formats you can think of. Plex also supports multiple devices so you can watch half show on your desktop and continue the other half on your smartphone. Along with that, it also comes with sharing options just in case if you want to let the world know what you’re watching tonight! It’s a good choice if you want an offline based media consumption setup.

Download Plex

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3. OSMC (free)

Best Windows Media Center Replacement OSMCOSMC is an open source software which strongly matches the modern standards of minimalistic design. It offers you to watch TV shows, Videos, Music, Picture slideshows and other media formats. It also comes with a built-in app store where you can find all kind of essential apps and plugins as per your requirements. You can also customise OMSC as per your needs with its built-in customizer. OSMC supports all type of popular file formats including MP4, MKV, AVI, MP3, MP5, etc.

If you don’t want to connect OSMC to your PC then you can purchase their flagship device named Vera, which acts as a mini windows media center replacement for all your needs. OSMC is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux with integrated support for Rasberry Pi, Apply TV and its flagship device Vero. If you’re looking for a clean and minimalistic looking windows media center replacement, then OSMC is the best pic for you.

Download OCMC

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That’s all the free media center replacement we could find on the web. We hope you choose one of them. Also if you know any other good windows media center alternative then let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting and have a good day!

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