TOP 5 Best Games Like Stardew Valley 2018

Today In this Post “Top 5 best games like Stardew Valley“, we will discuss the best and games similar to the most popular game Stardew valley. Stardew Valley is a popular farming game which was designed to play on the computer. When I started playing this game, I found it very addictive and it entertains you to the fullest. So, you have already completed the game and looking for some games like Stardew valley. The games we will discuss in this post is best for the people who love to play the farming simulation games. So, without further ado, let’s move on to the point. Here are the best games like Stardew Valley.Games Like Stardew Valley

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TOP 5 Best Games Like Stardew Valley 2018

List of 5 best games like Stardew Valley

1. Tides of Destiny ($19.50)

Games Like Stardew Valley - Tides of destinyTides of Destiny is similar to the rune factory 4 in which you have to fight with the evil ones. It brings both the farming simulation and RPG fun together in a beautiful 3d world. If you just fed up of managing a small farm, growing crops, then you will love the tides of destiny. In this game, you have to fight the monsters and the bosses who are trying to conquer your land. You can use the RPG mode to defeat the evil monsters and to keep the town safe from the evil forces. In short, Tides of destiny is a fun RPG and farming simulation game that provides hours of enjoyment to the players.

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2. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town ($24.99)

Games Like Stardew Valley - harvest moon, friends of mineral townHarvest Moon is the best substitute for the famous farming game Stardew valley. The game was developed and distributed by the Natsume. Harvest moon: friends of mineral tows provides the best gameplay experience to the players and includes the best content as compare to the original version. You just have to buy chickens, cows, and other animals to produce eggs and milk to sell in the market. Also, you have to spend some money to earn money. You can grow crops in different seasons to sell them in the market. In short, harvest moon is all about creating a new virtual world.

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3. Rune Factory 4 ($29.99)

Games Like Stardew Valley - rune factory 4Rune Factory 4 is another game that includes the mix of farming simulation and RPG elements that makes this game completely different. Basically, In this game, you have to manage a whole town instead of a small farm. You are the in-charge of a town where you have to enhance the infrastructure of the city. Sometimes the evil forces attack your town, and you have to help the town citizens by defeating the evil forces. In simple words, rune factory 4 is an exciting game with some impressive features and twists.

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4. RimWorld ($29.99)

Games Like Stardew Valley - rim worldRimWorld is the another best substitute for the favorite game Stardew valley. Basically, in this game, you just have to form a group of survivors who will survive on a deadly alien planet. Also, you have to build a new colony on the planet. Just manage the colony needs and mood of the people living in the province. Farm the land available in your province to get the resources for your area. In short, rim world is a fun survival game in which you have to survive and protect your colony from the evil forces.

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5. Fantasy Life ($52.98)

Games Like Stardew Valley - fantasy lifeAs the name suggests, Fantasy Game is based on just managing a fantasy world in the virtual world. The game was developed and distributed by the up studios. The game allows a simple gameplay with cute graphics in a 3d environment. It supports different classes in which the player play and each level add a value to the gameplay. Also, you can choose in which life you want to play and get to enjoy all the skills. In short, fantasy life is a game in which you have to select different lives to play that provides hours of entertainment.

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That’s it! Above are the best and the latest games like Stardew valley in which you have to protect your farms from the evil forces. I hope the post helped you to find the best substitute for the Stardew valley game. At last, if you have any game that deserves our list, then feel free to connect with us through the comment box.

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