How to Fix Windows Update Stucks in windows 7?

Hello friends, Our today’s article is on the topic How to Fix Windows Update Stucks? Many of us have experienced Windows 7 and its features, but still, they are some bugs in it. Among all the bugs one toughest issue is about Windows updating procedure. This Windows update stuck at 99 percent when you are doing your work on your personal computer. And suddenly you will not do not know what to do and how to fix it. In most of the cases, this problem arises when Windows 7 developer decides by enabling the automatic installation of updates which are done by default. Though this is needed for your computer which may sometimes take very less time.How to Fix Windows Update Stucks?

How to Fix Windows Update Stucks?

On the other hand, it may take lots of time and frequently gets stuck during the updating process. And you may also find some error messages like,

  • “Preparing to configure Windows. Do not turn off your computer.”
  • “Configuring Windows updates x% complete Do not turn off your computer.”
  • “Please do not power off or unplug your machine. Installing update x of x…”
  • “Working on updates, x% complete Don’t turn off your computer.”
  • “Keep your PC on until this is done Installing update x of x…”
  • “Getting Windows ready Don’t turn off your computer.”

If you are facing such kind of situations, then you need not worry since we have a better alternative. So follow the article and know better how to fix your Windows 7 update stuck and solution for Windows 7 stuck on installing update.

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How to fix if Windows 7 update stucks on installing update in middle

There may be quite many reasons for the error that occurs in the windows update. Mostly these errors occur due to hardware or software conflicts which may undoubtedly happen during the updating process, or they may be some sleep error that results in this issue. And in most of the cases, the problem may be due to the Microsoft which does not compile the update package correctly. Follow the steps provided below which will help you to get rid of this problem very quickly.

How to know whether the Windows update stucks on installing update or not?

It may be quite awkward but still, Windows updates may sometimes consume lots of time to get updated. Therefore it is very much necessary that you have to wait for about 2 to 3 hours and then proceed with the next steps.

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How to find and fix Windows update stucks issue

  1. First, make sure whether you can go back to your Windows screen by pressing Control-Alt-Del. Then you will be taken to the login screen which will help you to resolve your problem.SS1
  2. The next step is to boot up your system. For this, you need to click on restart button. If this does not work, then you have to move to the further steps.SS2
    Guideline: If in case the restart button does not resolve quickly then start pressing the power button for about 3 to 4 seconds. Now your PC will be turned off after which you should turn it on. You can either remove your battery and replace it if you are using the laptop.
  3. In this step, you need to restart your Windows in a safe mode. When you try to open your computer in safe mode then it will load only some set of drivers and services. If your computer has stuck due to the third party drives, then this step will help you a lot.SS3
  4. If the above procedure does not help you in resolving your problem, then you only need to undo all the changes. Now access your system restore wizard which is available in the system recovery options or advanced setup options of your Windows update stucks. And for the old versions of Windows 7, this feature may not be available. So if you are using the new version, this will quickly help you, and then you need to choose recover option from the boot menu.SS4
  5. Check if the memory or RAM are the causes of this issue.SS5
  6. Then update your BIOS settings in case of any errors. In some alternative cases, the BIOS settings may even stop the windows update which is related to hardware.SS6
  7. If you still cannot resolve your problem, then you simply need to install new windows on your system. Once you install a new version, then you will not face any issues that relate to third-party drive or even software conflicts will also be resolved.

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This is how you can get rid of the issue windows update stuck at 99 percent or Windows 7 stuck on installing Update. I hope you liked our today’s article. Thank you for being with us. We have provided you with the precise information that will help you to get rid of your issue. This article may be helpful for anybody so try it and let us know your opinion.

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