How To Use Tinder Without Facebook

In our today’s article, we are going to learn How To Use Tinder Without Facebook?. Tinder is one of the most renowned dating apps now a day. The main reason why its the best in the market because of its location-based dating profiles. You can discover new singles around your area. You can use Tinder both on iOS and Android and will have access to same features. Millions of individuals have found their loving partner through this app. But recently Tinder has made Facebook as the only login option to access the app. Its a big problem for the people who don’t use facebook at all, or left facebook for some reason. So today in this article, we are going to tell you how to use Tinder without facebook. So let’s get started with the guide to use tinder without facebook

Why You Cant Access Tinder Without Facebook?

You might now know, but Tinder extracts data from your Facebook account. With recent updates, you cannot use Tinder without Facebook at all. The main reason why Tinder did it is to make matching more reliable based on what use likes and dislikes. However, there are some bypass ways to use tinder without actually giving access to your sensitive account information. Every right swipe will cost you your privacy; the other person will be able to see your Facebook feeds, your memories, etc. Whing might be privacy factor to some people and embarrassing to other fraction.

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How To Use Tinder Without Facebook

As Tinder is a dating app, and if you want dating apps no facebook like Tinder, then this post is for you. When you connect your facebook with Tinder, this information is shared and publicly visible when someone sees your profile on Tinder.

  • Facebook profile
  • Age and general demographic info
  • Friend lists
  • Email address used to sign up for Facebook
  • Relationship interests
  • Birthday
  • Education status(college, high school, etc.)
  • Interests and hobbies (bands, sports teams, etc.)
  • Current city
  • Photos & memories
  • Pages liked

You cant change the login options, but you can limit the amount of information shared with Tinder, so your privacy is not compromised.


  1. Log in to your Facebook Account.
  2. Click on the inverted triangle button at top right of the facebook page.SS1
  3. Choose settings from there.SS2
  4. Then Click on Apps from the left side pannel of the page.SS3
  5. Search for Tinder app and click on it.SS4
  6. Unmark the details which you don’t want to share with Tinder.SS5
  7. And if the privacy is not “Only Me” then change it to “Only me”. Otherwise, leave this step.SS6
  8. Click save.

That’s all; Now Tinder won’t have access to your embarrassing photos, or contacts or any other demographic info at all. Your Tinder profile will be a blank canvas which you can decorate in your style.

Tinder without Facebook Alternatives

There are a lot of dating apps no facebook login required, but simple Tinder is the best one yet. That’s the reason it has more than 50 million active installs and highly rated and trending app both on Google play store and Apple app store. But there are a lot of fishes in the pond; there are other dating apps which don’t ask your Facebook login info or any other kind of private information. You can look for these applications in recommended section of Playstore and Appstore.

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Is it a Good Idea To Use Tinder Without Facebook?

The answer depends, maybe you have a strict family, and you randomly don’t wanna let your relatives know they you are on tinder now. With Facebook, privacy disabled, its just a matter of time when everybody in your friend list will know that you’re on tinder, it might be a bad thing or a good thing. Again depends on a lot of factors. However, keeping information private helps you to be anonymous and mysterious also giving a chance you to draw your canvas of personality on Tinder. That’s all for today, hope you have a great day!

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