How To Replace Kingroot With SuperSU In Any Android

Hey guys our today’s article is mainly about How To Replace Kingroot With SuperSU In Any Android. One of the most things that are popular in today’s time is rooting your android device, especially with Kingroot. But since Kingroot is not trusted, you now want to replace it with SuperSU.Today, here you will learn How to remove or replace Kingroot or Kinguser with SuperSU app in android.

How To Replace Kingroot With SuperSU In Any AndroidReplace Kingroot With SuperSU 1

After rooting Android, people get a new experience with their old android phone and becomes the administrator of their device. You can easily access all the primary functions and features of your phone after rooting it. Most of the people use Kingroot to root their devices. But in some devices, Kingroot is not working correctly to gain root access. So if you are getting errors and now want to replace Kingroot with SuperSU, then you can follow the below guide to replace Kingroot with SuperSU.

Requirements To Replace Kingroot With SuperSU

For removing Kingroot and then installing SuperSU app on your android device. You first need some elements on your phone. All these are requirements. I have shared links to the things you need. So take a look at these conditions before starting the guide. Check these and replace Kingroot easily.

  • Rooted Android device.
  • Download and then install Terminal Emulator app on your device. (Terminal Emulator)
  • Download Replace Kinguser with SuperSU Zio file from below link. (Click Here To Download)
  • Zip file extractor app. You can use any available or use below one. (Es File Explorer)

So, friends, these were the primary requirements you must have for replacement of Kingroot with SuperSU. So now let’s move ahead to the step by step guide.

Methods To Replace KingRoot With SuperSu

I am sharing all the two techniques that can be used by anyone to replace Kingroot with SuperSU on their android phone. You can try and use any of the method mentioned below according to your need. For advice, the second one is most successful and fast.

#Method 1. Replace Kingroot With SuperSU Easily

We are going to describe the simplest and the most straightforward way that can be used to replace Kingroot with SuperSU. You only have to do a single thing. Just install SuperSu from play store and then uninstall Kingroot. That’s it. Okk, if you don’t understand, let me put it in different steps below:


  1. Open Play Store.
  2. Download SuperSU and install it.Replace Kingroot With SuperSU 2
  3. Open and permit it as Superuser and then uninstall Kingroot.
  4. Update the Superuser Binary.Replace Kingroot With SuperSU 3
  5. Restart your phone.

That’s it. You have successfully changed Kingroot with SuperSU. This way is the easiest and simplest methods for replacing Kingroot with SuperSU. But sometimes this technique doesn’t work. In that case, use the second process.

#Method 2. Replace Kingroot with SuperSU With Terminal Emulator App

I am sharing the second method now that you can use to replace Kingroot with SuperSU. This technique works on almost all android. I have already used this method many times before and it works fine. It is 100% working without any issue. So let’s check this out.


1. First of all download all the requirements which are mentioned in the requirements column.

2. After downloading all these files, unzip Replace_Kingroot_with_SuperSU zip file and move the folder MRW to any folder in Phone storage.

3. Open Terminal Emulator app and type command ‘SU’ terminal. It will ask to grant functions. Allow all of them.

4. After following above steps, write another command terminal. Write the following command.

sh /sdcard/mrw/root.shReplace Kingroot With SuperSU 5

It will show an error on your screen. Ignore it.

5. Wait for some minutes; it will start the SuperSU app automatically. If it doesn’t open SuperSU, open it manually from the menu.

6. It will ask to update Superuser binary. Click on Continue and select Normal mode.

7. That’s it., just restart your phone after these steps.

So, friends, this was the second method that you can use to replace Kingroot with SuperS on your Android device quickly without any issue. You can also use the first one, but if it not works, use second. It works 100%, and phone functions smoothly. So these were some of best methods to replace Kingroot with SuperSU.

Final Words

So, friends, this was today’s article. These are the best ways to replace Kingroot with SuperSU in any rooted android device. However, if you are still getting any problem in replacing Kingroot with SuperSU, then feel free to comment below in the comment section. We will try our best to help you as soon as possible. Stay tuned and update us on latest tricks and tips. And Thanks for choosing us.

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