How to Transfer Photos From iPhone To Computer

Hello friends, Our today’s article’s topic is How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer. If you are searching for how to transfer photos from iPhone to pc or how to import photos from iPhone to pc, then this article is for you. Many of the people don’t know that they can download photos from iPhone to computer easily, but instead of it, they feel helpless because they don’t know exactly how to transfer pictures from iPhone to computer or how to download photos from iPhone?

How to Transfer Photos From iPhone To ComputerTransfer Photos From iPhone To Computer 1

The latest trend goes on iPhone, and its camera gets much better with every iteration. If, you are new to iPhone device and confused to know how to free up space on the cluster device which is extremely essential. One day you may find that the photo applications become a huge problem since they consume lots of memory. Then, you are on the right website in which you can easily backup your previous photos.

In Android devices, you can just plug and transfer files whereas in an iOS device it is little messy. When coming to iPhone then it is much more complicated, and you should know how to transfer photos from your device to personal computer. So here you will find the solution to move all your pictures to your personal computer.

By unlocking your device and installing the drive

We are going to describe you a unique method in which you can directly transfer all your photos to your personal computer. The following procedure will help you know how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer.


  1. The first step you need is to do is to unlock your iPhone device if in case it has been locked with any password.
  2. Next, you should connect your iPhone via USB cable to your personal computer.
  3. A popup the window will be displayed which asks you whether to access your iPhone device or not. Just click on the ‘allow’ or ‘Trust’ option.Transfer Photos From iPhone To Computer 2
  4. After completing all this, you will find an automatic installation.
  5. Let the installation be completed that will be indicated with a popup window.
  6. After that, you can easily import all your photo gallery and videos by using Windows Explorer.Transfer Photos From iPhone To Computer 3
  7. If in case you do not get any popup autoplay window option then you need to go to my computer and then find your iPhone device to transfer photos from iPhone to pc.

Transferring photos through Windows Explorer

  1. Once you are connected to your PC, then you should select Windows Explorer option.
  2. Now select the internal storage>DCIM, and then within the DCIM folder in which you will find the folder.Transfer Photos From iPhone To Computer 4
  3. Next, you can just copy and paste the photos anywhere on your desktop.

Transferring photos through Windows Import Tool

This method is an alternative way in which you can efficiently use Windows Import Tool to copy all your files from your iPhone to a desktop. The only disadvantage of this method is that you cannot randomly select the photos that you would like to transfer to your PC. You need to sort the pictures or videos and then input through different file names.

Transferring photos through iTunesTransfer Photos From iPhone To Computer 5

The iTunes method is one of the best ways in which you can import photos from iPhone to pc. It will quickly facilitate you by providing backup in which you can even save your files. To transfer data through iTunes, you should have the application installed on your device. This method works better if you are regularly updating with all the iTunes updates.

Transferring photos through Cloud storageTransfer Photos From iPhone To Computer 6

Cloud storage is a unique technique that helps you to transfer photos from iPhone to pc. This process does not require any USB cable connection you can do it directly through the Internet. But the only problem that you face with this technique is that you need the Internet connection until you upload all your photos to your desktop successfully. If you are using WiFi, then it is the best option rather than that of mobile data. Alternatively, there are many cloud storage companies in which you can choose anyone. It is very much vital that you should regularly keep the cloud storage upgraded since it has limited storage space in it.

Transferring photos third-party software

Apart from all the methods mentioned above, you can also use third party software to transfer your iPhone files to your personal computer. Few of the third party software are AnyTrans, CopyTrans, Syncios, FonePaw, Dr. Fone and Appandora that will quickly help you to transfer all your files. Moving the data, through the third-party software you can also find some additional features.

So, these all were methods to How to Transfer Photos From iPhone To Computer. You can use and try any one of them to download pictures from iPhone to pc. With this, we are moving to the end of the article.

Final Words

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