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At some point in time, the Samsung smartphone reviews may be religiously converted to “TouchWiz” where the search will result in flaws in the company’s offerings. Above all, in recent days the Samsung user interface is attaining much positive response. Hence it is essential to know What is TouchWiz, and how it has accessed much importance among the Android users. So to get deeper into the concept of TouchWiz, then we have to proceed further. TouchWiz is one of the most fundamental levels on the Samsung phone that is taken by the Android device. It is considered as an interface that is reached beyond the Android smartphones.

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What is Touchwiz?

And in recent days it has become one of the most focused concepts. The best way to describe TouchWiz is that it acts as a “skin” over the user interface that “vanilla” Android users. Therefore the mobile devices running with TouchWiz home make it unique from the other smartphones. Keeping these apart Samsung is trying to be unique by incorporating best software features along with the visual effects. These changes may somehow be more than that of Google package in its latest version. Even though most of the people are not concerned about this kind of situations. But still, Samsung has been criticized for many years.


The TouchWiz of old

TouchWiz 2The first thing that we need to discuss in the TouchWiz home is about its visual effects. In the previous versions like Samsung Galaxy S3 is quite different in its version of Android device. For example, one feature of the device can be explained by taking the example of the app drawer.

But still, the previous versions of TouchWiz are concerned with some performance problems which finally resulted in the drawback. But the Samsung is trying to overcome all these drawbacks to become the best competitor. Therefore Samsung took an oath to release new versions along with new features. By adding new features the performance of the device has gradually been decreasing. Resulted in the Limited usage of resources in the Android devices.

There were some drawbacks also:

Another drawback is the settings application. It has become impossible for the users to find the required options. At that time Apple phones became the best performed mobile phones with its easy user interface. This has led to difficulty for the Samsung users regarding the usage of the device as well as for the power users.

By considering all these circumstances, it has attained negative impression. If suppose everything is true, then we have to question how Samsung is able to manage the blames regarding TouchWiz with its latest versions? In 2014 Samsung started taking care and started implementing new versions of Galaxy Note 4 smartphones.

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About the latest TouchWiz and its transformation

TouchWiz 3TouchWiz has started changing with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that started reducing the necessities of a more restrained user interface. This has, therefore, lead to lower resources and also became a big confusion. Even though it has not become very much concerned with its features, but still Samsung started trending. In 2015, the company has started disabling many of the available TouchWiz features that are available by default.

Simultaneously, along with Samsung started facing competition with Google’s latest Android devices. Samsung started changing from the preliminary black menu too much lighter one. It also started adding some performance oriented features like App Standby and many more. Therefore Samsung became more popular with the similar features of Nexus. Hence Samsung started receiving negative feedback and gradually trying to recover all those negative feedback.

At present, the Samsung TouchWiz seems to be quite similar to the version of TouchWiz. But still, it has differentiated from the other devices. And now TouchWiz has become popular due to its additional options and functionalities.

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We hope that the article is informative and by now you might have a clear idea of what is Touchwiz. Please share it with anyone who needs help regarding TouchWiz. And if there are any queries then you can start posting them. And we will be providing you all the latest and best informative articles.


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